Missing Links

This page perhaps renews your missing link with people from the past or you've been out of touch with.

Grant Crawford, contractor through Computacenter. Grant left the FSA at the end of May. You can email him at this address: mailto:grant.crawford@virgin.net

http://www.robswain.co.uk Rob Swain's page, contractor, we both worked at the FSA recently. Rob has cracked open a new contract at EGG. Don't get fried like the shares!

mailto:kiwi_b@yahoo.com Blair who also worked at the FSA can be Emailed at this address.

mailto:dannydredd@hotmail.com Daniel Christopher, also a contractor I recently worked with at the FSA. No web page yet but here's his email address.

mailto:Jason_Goode@ml.com Jason Goode, also from the FSA and hopefully still has his drum kit! You may email him at this address.

mailto:graham_palfrey@gensler.com Graham Palfrey who used to contract with us at the FSA in Cabot Sq.